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TDR Boutique Deluxe Floral Prom Dress Reviews

Deluxe Floral Prom Dress Reviews - The Dress Rail Boutique

At TDR Boutique, we have been delayed in getting a formal review system, and whilst we have a lot of wonderful reviews for our dresses, as a result we have endless amounts of comments from our amazing customers from before we installed a review system that we just have to share, a few of which you can find below, but we wanted to share the feedback from all of our customers, from every avenue, be it shared n social media or an email sent over to us. 

A lot of these comments are present on our Instagram @tdrboutique, and if you like our products but you're hesitant about ordering a formal gown online, just have a look through our photo's comments, there's plenty of positivity to reassure you! If you're still concerned, contact us at and we'll be here for any questions you have.